The original line up happened by chance. Jef, together with bassist Andy Olson had been struggling for some time to find the right drummer. Singer Flash was waiting in the wings for them to assemble a proper band.

One afternoon Jef stopped by the home of childhood friend Tom Frederickson. Jef had sold a Gibson SG guitar to Tom a year or so prior, and had given a few pointers to get him started. While at Tom’s that day, Tom suggested an impromptu jam. Tom’s brother owned a drum kit, and Tom offered to play drums for a few songs, as there was only the one guitar at the house. Jef agreed with some hesitation, unaware Tom could play drums at all. Well, Tom’s playing so impressed Jef that not long after, despite Tom’s desire to be a guitarist, the original Resistor was formed:

Jef on guitar

Andy on bass, harmony and occasional lead vocal

Flash as lead singer

Tom on drums

The original line up played a variety of supposedly low key gigs that ended up with large audiences and overwhelmingly positive reactions. There was a demand for more of what this group had to offer! They started to get very serious about rehearsals and aggressive about pursuing better work. That led to what is now considered “The Classic Line-Up” (link to classic page), and ultimately to Jef reforming the band with Steve, and an otherwise fresh line-up in 2012.